Grid Technology in Production at DESY

A. Gellrich, M. Ernst, P. Fuhrmann, V. Guelzow, M. de Riese

DESY is one of the world leading centers for research with particle
accelerators and a center for research with synchrotron light. The
hadron-electron collider HERA houses three experiments which are
taking data and will be operated until 2007.
The H1 and ZEUS collaborations face a growing demand for Monte Carlo
events after the recent luminosity upgrade of the collider.
Grid technology turns out to be an attractive way to meet this
challenge. The core site at DESY acts as a central hub to send production
jobs to sites which incorporate Grid resources in the dedicated HERA VOs.

The DESY Grid Infrastructure deploys the LCG-2 middleware, giving DESY a
spot on the worldwide map of active LCG-2 sites. The DESY Production Grid
provides Grid core services, including all components to make DESY a
complete and independent Grid site. In addition to hosting and supporting
dedicated VOs for H1 and ZEUS, DESY fosters the Grid activities of the
LQCD community and the International Linear Collider Group.

Data management is a key aspect of Grid computing in HEP. In cooperation
with Fermilab, DESY has developed a Storage Element (SE) which consists
of dCache as the core storage system and an implementation of the Storage
Resource Manager (SRM). Access to the entire DESY data space of 0.5 PB is
provided by a dCache-based SE.

In the contribution to ACAT 2005 we will describe the DESY Grid
infrastructure in the context of the DESY Grid activities and present
operation experiences and future plans.