EDG 1.4 RPM package installation on DESY Linux 4 (SuSe 7.2) machines Andreas Gellrich, Jacek Nowak, Maxim Vorobiev The workstations at DESY (Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron) run DESY Linux v.4. It is a customized version of SuSe Linux v.7.2. It uses AFS user accounts and also most of DESY libraries and applications are shared through AFS. This customized Linux distribution has been used as the base for an EDG 1.4 testbed installation. The installation was performed based on the manual installation from the "EDG installation guide". Binary RPM packages from the official EDG 1.4 distribution were used. As the only officially supported platform for EDG 1.4 is RedHat Linux 6.2, a lot of small modifications to the installation procedure are necessary and many problems need to be fixed. The testbed at DESY proves that it is possible to install all main Grid nodes (WN, CE, SE, RB, BDII, RC, UI) on other Linux flavors than the officially supported one. In this paper we would like to present the main issues which arise when trying to install EDG 1.4 on DESY Linux v.4, and how to overcome them.