Deploying an LCG-2 Grid Infrastructure at DESY

A. Gellrich
for the Grid team at DESY

DESY is one of the world-wide leading centers for research with particle
accelerators and a center for research with synchrotron light.
The hadron-electron collider HERA houses four experiments which are
taking data and will be operated until mid 2007.

DESY has been operating a LCG-based Grid infrastructure since 2004 which
was set up in the context of the EU e-science Project EGEE.

The HERA experiments H1 and ZEUS as well as the International Linear
Collider (ILC) community have started to massively use the Grid for Monte
Carlo production. For those groups, Virtual Organizations (VO) are hosted
at DESY, including all necessary Grid services. These global VOs are
meanwhile supported by many international LCG sites.

DESY currently plans for a participation in one of the LHC experiments
ATLAS or CMS. It has been already decided that DESY will become an LCG
Tier-2 center for both experiments. The Tier-2 activities will be merged
with the Grid infrastructure in operation.

In the contribution to CHEP2006 we will give an overview of the Grid
infrastructure and discuss deployment and operational aspects.
Main emphasis will be put on the details of the set-up of a complete
production-grade Grid with all services and its integration into a 
computer center infrastructure with regard to the Tier-2 plans at DESY.