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In order to ensure response in case of problems, use the Global Grid User Support (GGUS) and/or your VO support rather than private e-mail contacts or internal mailing lists.

Grid for BELLE and BELLE II

DESY participates in the Grid activities of WLCG as tier-2 center for ATLAS, CMS, and LHCb, is the home for ILC VO, and is a tier-2 center for BELLE II.


Getting Started as a User


Detailed instrcutions can be found in the Belle Wiki Getting Started on GRID.

In the Grid authentication is done via user certificates which are issued by the national Certification Authorities (CA) to which the user's home institutes are connected. Find your CA at EUGridPMA.
DESY users refer to Grid Certificates and VO Membership at DESY

In order to register as a user of one of the BELLE VOs - as soon as you have a vailid Grid certificate - refer to BELLE (VOMS).

The SL6 NAF WGS have a local UI installation. See the DESY Grid User Guide for details.

Create a VOMS proxy for authentication and authorization with the Grid:

  > voms-proxy-init -voms belle
  > voms-proxy-info -all

For global support questions please use the GGUS portal.


Short Collection of Grid Commands

Here comes a set of basic Grid commands. See also DESY Grid User Guide.

Access to the DESY storage element (SE) via NFS4 mount via the BELLE (NAF) work group servers (read-only):

  nafhh-belle02: [~] ls -l /pnfs/desy.de/belle/belle1

  nafhh-belle02: [~] ls -l /pnfs/desy.de/belle/belle2/TMP/belle/user/

Get VO infos:

  > lcg-infosites --vo belle all
  > lcg-infosites --vo belle lfc
  > lcg-infosites --vo belle ce
  > lcg-infosites --vo belle se

  > lcg-info --list-attrs
  > lcg-info --vo belle --list-ce --attrs TotalCPUs,MaxCPUTime,MaxWCTime --query CE="grid-arcce0.desy.de:2811/nordugrid-torque-grid"

Grid proxy for authentication and authorization. (You need to hold a valid Grid certificate and you need to be a member of the VO):

  > voms-proxy-init -voms belle
  > voms-proxy-info -all

Files may be put into the DESY mass storage system:

  > voms-proxy-init -voms belle
  > voms-proxy-info -all

  > gfal-copy file:$PWD/test1 srm://dcache-se-desy.desy.de/pnfs/desy.de/belle/belle2/TMP/belle/user/_your_login_/test1

List the catalogue and copy a file by means of its Logical File Name (LFN):

  > export LFC_HOST=`lcg-infosites --vo belle lfc`
  > lfc-ls -l /grid/belle

  > lcg-lr -v lfn:/grid/belle/...
  > lcg-cp -v lfn:/grid/belle/...

Job submission to the Grid (minimal example for the submission to DESY):

  > voms-proxy-init -voms belle

  > cat test.xrsl 

  > arcsub -c grid-arcce0.desy.de test.xrsl

  > arcstat _jobid_

  > arcget _jobid_

More advanced:

  > cat grid.xrsl
(queue ="grid")




by the DESY Grid Team: http://grid.desy.de/