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In order to ensure response in case of problems, use the Global Grid User Support (GGUS) and/or your VO support rather than private e-mail contacts or internal mailing lists.

Please note: You must agree to the VO's Usage Rules when requesting VO membership. Please read!

VO Description Registration VOMS_SERVERS VOMSES Home
atlas VO for the ATLAS Collaboration ATLAS VOMS-admin @ CERN vomss://voms.cern.ch:8443/voms/atlas "atlas" "lcg-voms.cern.ch" "15001" "/DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/CN=lcg-voms.cern.ch" "atlas" The ATLAS Experiment
belle VO for the BELLE II experiment at KEK BELLE VOMS @ KEK vomss://voms.cc.kek.jp:8443/voms/belle "belle" "voms.cc.kek.jp" "15020" "/C=JP/O=CRC/OU=KEK/CN=host/voms.cc.kek.jp" "belle" BELLE II Collaboration
biomed VO for the BIOMED Collaboration BIOMED VOMS @ IN2P3 vomss://voms-biomed.in2p3.fr:8443/voms/biomed "biomed" "cclcgvomsli01.in2p3.fr" "15000" "/O=GRID-FR/C=FR/O=CNRS/OU=CC-LYON/CN=cclcgvomsli01.in2p3.fr" "biomed" Biomed Home
calice VO for the CALICE Collaboration CALICE VOMS @ DESY vomss://grid-voms.desy.de:8443/voms/calice "calice" "grid-voms.desy.de" "15102" "/C=DE/O=GermanGrid/OU=DESY/CN=host/grid-voms.desy.de" "calice" Grid @ DESY
cms VO for the CMS Collaboration CMS VOMS-admin @ CERN vomss://voms.cern.ch:8443/voms/cms "cms" "lcg-voms.cern.ch" "15002" "/DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/CN=lcg-voms.cern.ch" "cms" The CMS Experiment
dech VO for the EGEE Federation DECH DECH VOMS @ SCAI vomss://glite-io.scai.fraunhofer.de:8443/voms/dech "dech" "glite-io.scai.fraunhofer.de" "15000" "/O=GermanGrid/OU=Fraunhofer SCAI/CN=host/glite-io.scai.fraunhofer.de" "dech"
desy VO at DESY for people outside any other VO (for tests) DESY VOMS @ DESY vomss://grid-voms.desy.de:8443/voms/desy "desy" "grid-voms.desy.de" "15104" "/C=DE/O=GermanGrid/OU=DESY/CN=host/grid-voms.desy.de" "desy" Grid @ DESY
dteam VO for the Grid Development Team DTEAM VOMRS @ Hellasgrid vomss://voms.hellasgrid.gr:8443/voms/dteam "dteam" "voms.hellasgrid.gr" "15004" "/C=GR/O=HellasGrid/OU=hellasgrid.gr/CN=voms.hellasgrid.gr" "dteam"
enmr.eu e-NMR NMR computational infrastructure ENMR.EU vomss://voms2.cnaf.infn.it:8443/voms/enmr.eu "enmr.eu" "voms2.cnaf.infn.it" "15014" "/C=IT/O=INFN/OU=Host/L=CNAF/CN=voms2.cnaf.infn.it" "enmr.eu" A worldwide e-Infrastructure for NMR and structural biology
ghep VO for the German Grid for High Energy Physics GHEP VOMS @ DESY vomss://grid-voms.desy.de:8443/voms/ghep "ghep" "grid-voms.desy.de" "15105" "/C=DE/O=GermanGrid/OU=DESY/CN=host/grid-voms.desy.de" "ghep" Grid @ DESY
hermes VO for the HERA experiment HERMES HERMES VOMS @ DESY vomss://grid-voms.desy.de:8443/voms/hermes "hermes" "grid-voms.desy.de" "15108" "/C=DE/O=GermanGrid/OU=DESY/CN=host/grid-voms.desy.de" "hermes" Grid @ DESY
hone VO for the HERA experiment H1 H1 VOMS @ DESY vomss://grid-voms.desy.de:8443/voms/hone "hone" "grid-voms.desy.de" "15106" "/C=DE/O=GermanGrid/OU=DESY/CN=host/grid-voms.desy.de" "hone" Grid @ DESY
icecube VO for the IceCube Collaboration ICECUBE VOMS @ DESY vomss://grid-voms.desy.de:8443/voms/icecube "icecube" "grid-voms.desy.de" "15109" "/C=DE/O=GermanGrid/OU=DESY/CN=host/grid-voms.desy.de" "icecube" Grid @ DESY
ilc VO for the International Linear Collider Community ILC VOMS @ DESY vomss://grid-voms.desy.de:8443/voms/ilc "ilc" "grid-voms.desy.de" "15110" "/C=DE/O=GermanGrid/OU=DESY/CN=host/grid-voms.desy.de" "ilc" Grid @ DESY
lhcb VO for the LHCb Collaboration LHCb VOMS-admin @ CERN vomss://voms.cern.ch:8443/voms/lhcb "atlas" "lcg-voms.cern.ch" "15003" "/DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/CN=lcg-voms.cern.ch" "lhcb" The LHCb Experiment
ildg VO for the International Lattice Data Grid group ILDG VOMS @ DESY vomss://grid-voms.desy.de:8443/voms/ildg "ildg" "grid-voms.desy.de" "15111" "/C=DE/O=GermanGrid/OU=DESY/CN=host/grid-voms.desy.de" "ildg" International Lattice Data Grid (ILDG)
olympus VO for the OLYMPUS Collaboration OLYMPUS VOMS @ DESY vomss://grid-voms.desy.de:8443/voms/olympus "olympus" "grid-voms.desy.de" "15114" "/C=DE/O=GermanGrid/OU=DESY/CN=host/grid-voms.desy.de" "olympus" The Olympus Collaboration
xfel.eu VO for the HERA experiment ZEUS XFEL.EU VOMS @ DESY vomss://grid-voms.desy.de:8443/voms/xfel.eu "xfel.eu" "grid-voms.desy.de" "15113" "/C=DE/O=GermanGrid/OU=DESY/CN=host/grid-voms.desy.de" "xfel.eu" Grid @ DESY
zeus VO for the HERA experiment ZEUS ZEUS VOMS @ DESY vomss://grid-voms.desy.de:8443/voms/zeus "zeus" "grid-voms.desy.de" "15112" "/C=DE/O=GermanGrid/OU=DESY/CN=host/grid-voms.desy.de" "zeus" Grid @ DESY


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