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In order to ensure response in case of problems, use the Global Grid User Support (GGUS) and/or your VO support rather than private e-mail contacts or internal mailing lists.


The project Enabling Grids for E-sciencE (EGEE) is the succesor of the European DataGrid (EDG) project which ends spring 2004 after a 3 years effort. The objective is to build a permanent European Grid infrastructure that can serve a broad spectrum of applications reliably and continously.
The EGEE is based on a pan-European consortium established by CERN to build and to operate a production Grid infrastructure, providing round-the-clock Grid service to scientists in Europe.
A proposal for such a project was submitted to the EU 6th Framework Programme in May 2003. Final negotiations take place in October 2003. The proposal involves 70 partners, encompassing all major computer centres in Europe as well as leading American and Russian centres.
The anticipated start of the project is 1 April 2004. The first phase with a funding of 32 million Euro will end after 2 years in March 2006. A second phase with additional 2 years is planned subsequently.
The LHC Computing Grid (LCG) will provide the springboard for EGEE, and in turn benefit from Grid software (re-)engineering that is part of the EGEE project. However, the mission of EGEE is also to extend the potential of a Grid infrastructure beyond HEP. The first target is biomedical applications, with other scientific and technological fields not far behind.
DESY is besides FZ Karlsruhe, DKRZ, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, and GSI a member of the EGEE in the German federation. DESY is supposed to play a major role in its development and operation.

EGEE-II started on April 1st, 2006 for two years.

These three poster show the idea of EGEE:

[EGEE Applications] [EGEE Infrastructure] [EGEE Related Projects]




EGEE stands for Enabling Grids for E-sciencE.

DESY is part of the German federation. DESY is represented in the EGEE project by the DESY IT Group, namely Volker Guelzow and his deputy in the EGEE context Andreas Gellrich.

DESY participates in the Service Activities SA1 of EGEE.

CERN maintains a web page called the Grid Cafe with additional information and job opportunities.

The EU-Projektbüro at DESY supports the activities.


News and Dates

EGEE Conferences

Rotating user support in DE/CH see: EGEE SA1 Germany / Switzerland



EGEE administration at DESY.

EGEE-II: (Needs CERN NICE account)



This is the e-mail to be used for all EGEE aspects:

In addition the following e-mail addresses are maintained:

Mailing lists with the DECH federation: (subscription by sending a 'subscribe' request to majordomo@listserv.fzk.de).





EGEE Middleware:


The following links contain detailed information on the 6th frame programme of the European Union:


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