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In order to ensure response in case of problems, use the Global Grid User Support (GGUS) and/or your VO support rather than private e-mail contacts or internal mailing lists.


Abb. Meaning Context
AFS Andrew File System
ANL Argonne National Lab HEP
ApGrid Asia Pacific Grid
ARM All-ROC Managers Meeting EGEE
API Application Programming Interface
BDII Berkeley Database Information Index EDG
BNL Brookhaven National Lab HEP
CA Certification Authority
CA Consortium Agreement EGEE
CAS Community Authorization Service
CDIC Center for Data Intensive Computing
CE Computing Element EDG
CIC Core Infrastructure Centres EGEE
DataTAG Trans Atlantic Grid EU
DUROC Dynamically-Updated Request Online Coallocator
EAC External Advisory Committee EGEE
EDG EU-DataGrid EU
EGEE Enabling Grids for E-science and industry in Europe
EMT Engineering Management Team EGEE
ESC EGEE Support Committee EGEE
FP Framework Programme EU
FR Federation EGEE
GASS Global Access to Secondary Storage Globus
GAN Global Accelerator Network
GDMP Grid Data Mirroring Package
GEANT The pan-European Gigabit Research Network
GFN Global File Name ILDG
GGF Global Grid Forum
GIIS Grid Index Information Service EDG
GIS Grid Infrastructure Support LCG
GPT Grid Packaging Toolkit
GRAM Globus Resource Allocation Manager Globus
GridPP UK Particle Physics Grid
GRIP Grid Interoperability Project EU
GriPhyN Grid Physics Network
GRIS Grid Resource Information Service EDG
GSI Gesellschaft fuer Schwerionenphysik Darmstadt HEP
GSI Grid Security Infrastructure Globus
GSS Generic Security Services
GT Globus Toolkit Globus
GT4 Globus Toolkit4 Globus
HSM Hierarchical Storage Manager
I3 Integrated Infrastructure Initiative EU
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
II Information Index
ILDG International Lattice Data Grid
IS Information Service
IST Information Society Technologies EU
iVDgL International Virtual Data Grid Laboratory
JDL Job Description Language EDG
JLab Jefferson National Lab
JM Job Manager Globus
JRA Joint Research Activities EGEE
JSS Job Submission Services EDG
LANL Los Alamos National Lab
LB Logging and Bookkeeping Services EDG
LBNL Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
LCAS Local Centre Authorization Server
LCFG Local ConFiGuration
LCFGng Local ConFiGuration next generation
LCG LHC Computing Grid
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LSF Load Sharing Facility
MDC Meta Data Catalogue ILDG
MDS Monitoring and Discovery Service Globus
MHE Master Hosting Environment GLobus 3
MP My Proxy Server EDG
NA Networking Activities EGEE
NERSC National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
NeSC UK National e-Science Centre UK
NMI NSF Middleware Initiative US
NPACI National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infratsructure US
NREN (European) National Reasearch and Education Network
NSF National Science Foundation US
NTP Network Time Protocol
OGSA Open Grid Service Architecture
OGSI Open Grid Services Infrastructure
OMC Operations Management Centre EGEE
OSDL Open Source Development Lab
PAR Partner Activity Review EGEE
PBS Portable Batch System
PD Project Director EGEE
PEB Project Execution Board EGEE
PEM Privacy Enhanced Mail X.509 certificates
PKI Private Key Infrastructure X.509 certificates
PMB Project Management Board EGEE
PO Project Office EGEE
PPDG Particle Physics Data Grid
PRAGMA Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly
PSC Pittsburg Supercomputing Center
QAG Quality Group
R-GMA Relational Grid Monitoring Architecture
RB Resource Brooker
RC Replica Catalog
RC Resource Centres EGEE
RFT Reliable File Transfer Service
RLS Replica Location Service
RM Replica Catalog and Replica Manager
ROC Regional Operating Center EGEE
RSL Resource Specification Language
UI User Interface EDG
URL Uniform Resource Locator
SA Specific Service Activities EGEE
SciDAC Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing
SDE Service Data Element
SDSC San Diego Supercomputer Center
SE Storage Element EDG
SFN Site File Name ILDG
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
SRB Storage Resource Broker
SRM Storage Resource Management
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
SURL Simple Uniform Resource Locator ILDG
TA Technical Annex EGEE
TACC Texas Advanced Computer Center
TCG Technical Coordination Group EGEE
TERENA Trans-European Research Networking Association EU
TPM Ticket Processing Managers EGEE
TURL Transfer Uniform Resource Locator ILDG
UCSD University of California San Diego
UIG User Information Group EGEE
VO Virtual Organization
VOMS Virtual Organization Membership Service EDG
WMS Workload Management System
WN Worker Node EDG
WP Work Package EDG
WSRF Web Services Reference Framework

Please refer also to the University of Chicago's Computer Science Library Collection and BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms.

See also the List of Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Sites.


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