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In order to ensure response in case of problems, use the Global Grid User Support (GGUS) and/or your VO support rather than private e-mail contacts or internal mailing lists.

Grid Admin FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

[grid-batch0] [grid-batch4] [condor01] [Ganglia] [BDII] [CET] [LFC] [SET] [SET2] [VOMS] [NGI_DE Nagios] [GStat2.0] [GOCDB3 DESY-HH] [OPS] [SAM3 CMS]

  • [WN LOG]

    Grid Service Monitoring

    Global Grid Support

  • EGI
  • NGI-DE
  • WLCG

  • EGI Central Operations Portal
  • NGI DE CH Operations Center

  • Global Grid User Support (GGUS)

  • WLCG Document Repository

    Global Grid Monitoring DESY-HH:

  • NGI_DE Nagios
  • GStat2.0

  • OPS
  • SAM3 CMS (Docu: CMS SAM tests)

  • CVMFS Matrix
  • WLCG Squids

    Accounting DESY-HH:

  • APEL Synchronisation Test
  • EGI Accounting Portal
  • EGI Accounting NGI-DE 2015
  • EGI Accounting NGI-DE 2016
  • EGI Accounting DESY-HH

    DESY Grid batch servers:

  • Production system: [grid-batch0 (intranet)] [grid-batch0 (external)]
  • Deprecated system: [grid-batch4 (intranet)] [grid-batch4 (external)]
  • Development system: [condor01 (intranet)] [condor01 (external)]

    DESY dCache summary:

  • CMS SE
  • Photon SE

    Internal Grid Service Monitoring:

  • WN LOG

  • Regular Tests
  • Technical Description of Regular Tests

  • BDII
  • CET
  • LFC
  • SET
  • SET2
  • VOMS

  • Ganglia
  • VHOSTs
  • WMS Monitor

  • Icinga
  • WN monitoring from the RZ-Monitor (login only for IT staff)
  • RZ-Stromverbrauch

  • perfSonar

  • POISE (load balancing)

  • Grid Computing Resources


    by the DESY Grid Team: http://grid.desy.de/